FEED IN FOCUS overview       4-14-2022

The goal is to learn from and help farmers with ways to decrease harmful emissions from fertilizers and from cows through careful analysis of their practices and the results of evaluations and implementation of new practices. The Nature Conservancy will select individual farms of 300 cows or less. The cost will be 26,000.00 for a three-year commitment per farm.. They hope to work with 3 separate farms this year.   The Nature Conservancy has started this innovative project in District 6310.  They will also be working on projects in other Districts of Michigan, Ohio and South Carolina.  The Rotarian who is matching the grants has Rotary affiliations with each of these states.   All projects are being decided on now and may include preservation of lands. Below are some aspects of the program we will be supporting-Feed in Focus.

7 steps:             

  • Continuous Cover
  • Nutrient Management
  • Crop Rotation
  • Crop Residue Management
  • Grazing Management
  • Feed Management and Innovation
  • Edge of Field

The end goal is improved Air Quality, improved Water Quality, improved Animal Health and improved Soil Health. All of Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes, even inland counties so this effort is designed to make our state and our world a better place.

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 As people of action, let’s take on projects that can make a positive, measurable and sustainable impact on the one place we all call home.