A New Kind of Rotaract in District 6310
Rotaract - Amp Up Your Career Event & Mullets
An important initiative of the district is to start a new kind of Rotaract in the district - this community based Rotaract is built upon the theme "What Kind of World Do You Want To Live In?"  To reach out to young professionals, we're holding a no-cost professional development event for 18-30 somethings, December 10th, 2020, via Zoom. This presentation usually has a cost attached to - it is truly a great value, attendees WILL walk away with knowledge and ideas they can really use.  Given this is being held during a statewide lockdown and a pandemic, a time where we are worried about what may happen with our careers - we think it's an extra important reason to attend this event. After all, we want everyone to make a full comeback - better than ever - kind of like the mullet did.
You may be wondering what a hairstyle has to do with this?
Well, to start - Rotary is a little like a Mullet - we are definitely business and philanthropy in the front, but we have a party every once in awhile in the back. But more importantly, we want to help everyone make a come-back after the Pandemic when we return to "normal".
The fact is we don’t have enough attendees registered for this amazing event. As I thought about the group of 40-ish and up rotarians that comprise the group organizing this event and the challenges we are having, it occurred to me: why are 18-30-ish professionals going to listen to us? After all - we are “old” to them and there is definitely a gap that maybe we don’t see very clearly. I decided the Mullet was a good analogy.
First - the mullet was cool when most of us here on the committee were younger. The mullet is apparently cool again, so there - BAM - we have common ground! Second, we need to provide support in helping our young professionals to make their very own comeback once we do enter back into a "normal" world. Who would have ever thought the mullet would make a comeback? Apparently according the young cool people, it has. Just like mom jeans. (Also did not see that one coming). What’s next - Members Only Jackets? (OMG I hope so - I still have mine.)
But here we all are in the thick of it with no choice. Many of us are well into our careers, near the end, or even retired - yet we still have to think about what’s next. Will things make the comeback like a the mullet did? But it is probably different for the young professional - you’re just starting out. So perhaps we are not in the same boat, but we’re definitely in the same raging river together. (I’m imagining you younger ones have much cooler boats than us too) You have the bulk of your professional life to look ahead toward and having an pandemic step in when you were just getting on a roll is something we can’t fully grasp, but we can offer help.
Ok Boomer!
Go to College they said. Get lots of resume builders they said. Make lots of business contacts they said. Land that impressive job they said. Now stay home for a year and still keep growing your professional career... wait, what? 
This is where we queue Michael Angelo Caruso & his Amp Up Your Career Presentation
We want young professionals to make a comeback like the Mullet did, so in growing our Rotaract club through out the district, we are offering valuable opportunities like this no-cost event with professional speaker Michael Angelo Caruso. It is a great time to work on professional skills for now and beyond the pandemic.